I started working with Endnote about 8 years ago as part of my first job at uni. A big chunk of my work was sorting and filing papers for my Prof. Even though it was a great way to become familiar with all the different topics, I always dreamed about all the other things I could have done during these hours. However, as long as the gold-standard for time-efficient referencing was the ability to query the social science citation index from within Endnote and only if you had a pricey subscription - these were only dreams.

With Zotero these dreams come finally true. Zotero is a plugin for Firefox that helps you organize your academic literature. It can be installed even when you do not have administrator privileges as e.g. at your work-PC. I will not talk about all the nice features of Zotero as importing existing databases, quickly adding references while browsing, or sharing libraries with your colleagues, workmates and friends.

Today I want to focus on an addon Zotpress that allows you to insert your whole library, a collection or papers tagged witha specific keay-word on your wordpress blog.The advantages are:

  • You only have to update one library, which you can also use to write your next paper.

  • As you can only show papers authored by specific authors, you can easily manage and genrate overlapping citation lists for a whole workgroup that specializes in different topics.

How to use Zotpress

To use it, you first need to have Zotero, add some references to your library, and a wordpress blog.

1. Install zotpress

Just go to the “plugin” menu in your dashboard and search for “zotpress”. Follow the white rabbit and you are done!

2. Connect to your Zotero library

This is the only step that took me some time, as I could not figure out how to generate a “public key”. This can be done right here on the zotero webpage. On this page, you can also see your userID. These two pieces of information then have to be entered in the wordpress-zotpress plugin page. Click on zotpress and then “Zotero Accounts”. And your done!

3. Add a bibliography to a post

There are many ways to add a bibliography to a post. You can either use in text citations that will also be correctly formatted according to APA, or you can use the Zotpress shortcode to enter a bibliography at a specific place.

The easiest way to test your setup is to just put a whole collection into you post. To find out the name of a specific collection go to the “citations” tab in the zotpress plugin preferences. If you enter the following line in brackets, it will print your collection - in this case my 2011 publications - sorted by date of publication. You can also select only five articles from the collection (by adding limit = “5”), or only a specific year (by adding year = “2010”).

zotpress collection=”COLLECTION_ID” sortby=”date” year = “2011”

[zotpress collection="8S2F7Z2Q" sortby="date" year = "2011"]

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