As long as we all are still waiting for these large-scale data sharing mechanisms in place we will have to use every bit we can can our hand on. For data that is only represented as a graph - instead of tables or in the text - this means that we need some kind of graph digitizer.

The best one I found is the webplotdigitizer developed by Ankit Rohatgi. While I generally prefer desktop versions of programs, because they support reproducible research - this tools is just too easy to use that a further search would be necessary. Together with the video tutorials this is a one-stop shop for your data-extraction needs.

Congratulations to the developer for this excellent example of one task one tool!

The world is flat F(1,18) = 39.200; p = .335 - or p < .01 or p <.001? - Check your stats!

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Published on June 19, 2015

Relaunch on Jekyll

Published on June 04, 2015