Daten visualisieren – R

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By now, most people should have understood, that R is a extremly powerful programm to calculate all kinds of statistics - though someone still has to implement Bowkers test. What might be less well known is that it has many extremly flexible built-in functions and well supported add-on packages to generate  graphics.

Sheldon might say:

“R uses the worlds most powerful graphics chip - your imagination”

Or put differently the real advantage of R over the drag-and drop approach SPSS uses, is that it let’s you use your brain to develop new graphics.

Excellent introductions can be found here:

  • The basics graphs are well covered on my favorite R-site: Quick-R

  • A library of graphics here

  • Tips for visualizing categorical data and the package of the same name can be found  here

Cons: …so far: We have no idea! ;-)

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